Apatite: The Enchanting Blue Gaze

Apatite is a sought-after gemstone valued for its captivating blue hue and reasonable cost, making it a favored option for individuals desiring a gem with a vibrant blue presence. Besides being incorporated into jewelry, some attribute metaphysical properties to blue apatite, suggesting it may boost creativity, facilitate communication, and aid in spiritual growth. These beliefs add an extra dimension of interest for those drawn to the stone not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its perceived energetic qualities.

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Size chart
Ring Size Chart
US HK JP UK EU Diameter
4 9 7 H 46 14.9 46.8
4.5 10 8 I 48 15.3 48.0
5 11 9 J 1/2 50 15.7 49.3
5.5 12 10 K 1/2 51 16.1 50.6
6 13 11 L 1/2 52 16.5 51.9
6.5 14.5 13 M 1/2 53 16.9 53.1
7 16 14 N 1/2 54 17.3 54.4
7.5 17 15 O 1/2 56 17.7 55.7
8 18 16 P 1/2 57 18.1 57.0
8.5 19 17 Q 1/2 58 18.5 58.3
9 20.5 18 R 1/2 60 19.0 59.5
How To Measure

Step 1&2: Cut a slip of paper and wrap around your finger and adjust it until it fits perfectly.

Step 3: Mark the point where the end of the paper meets.

Step 4: Use a ruler to measure the inside circumference. Refer to our ring size chart above.

** All our rings are adjustable from US size 4 - size 9.


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210624 01-26/AP/RG
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