Sweet Tangerine Citrine

Boost your day with a dose of happiness – Citrine. These positivity gems are sure to kick-start your day with enthusiasm. Energize yourself!

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Size chart
Ring Size Chart
US HK JP UK EU Diameter
4 9 7 H 46 14.9 46.8
4.5 10 8 I 48 15.3 48.0
5 11 9 J 1/2 50 15.7 49.3
5.5 12 10 K 1/2 51 16.1 50.6
6 13 11 L 1/2 52 16.5 51.9
6.5 14.5 13 M 1/2 53 16.9 53.1
7 16 14 N 1/2 54 17.3 54.4
7.5 17 15 O 1/2 56 17.7 55.7
8 18 16 P 1/2 57 18.1 57.0
8.5 19 17 Q 1/2 58 18.5 58.3
9 20.5 18 R 1/2 60 19.0 59.5
How To Measure

Step 1&2: Cut a slip of paper and wrap around your finger and adjust it until it fits perfectly.

Step 3: Mark the point where the end of the paper meets.

Step 4: Use a ruler to measure the inside circumference. Refer to our ring size chart above.

** All our rings are adjustable from US size 4 - size 9.


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* Size

Product Info

Stone Dimensions: 6mm x 8mm

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Product Details
210624 03-22/CT/S
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